Membership in the Guild is open to self-representing studio jewelers from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

We are group of jewelers who believe passionately in the need for quality shows with a minimum of expense. Our goal is to sell beautiful, well constructed items that will be affordable to the public in venues specifically devoted to the jewelers art.

The Guild offers jewelers the opportunity to share knowledge and support, and to participate in retail and wholesale shows where the inventory is made by talented artists, fairly priced and beautifully presented.  We ask that our members be professional in their outlook, be eager to share skill and experience, and have integrity in their work.

Applications and jury submissions are welcome. Please print and fill out the form below to be considered for admission to the Guild. The scanned form should be sent by email to Rhonda. Alternatively, email Rhonda and she will send you the form as a Word document.


Jury Submission Form 

DATE _________________

NAME __________________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________



SALES TAX #_____________________________



METALSMITH______          WIREWORK__________                  GLASS____________ 

CERAMIC__________          MIXED MEDIA________                 OTHER____________ 

Describe your work. Include ALL your separate lines and techniques. Please use additional space on the back of the application or additional paper if necessary. Any descriptions here should be reflected in your JURY SUBMISSIONS.





from $ ___________to $___________

 EXPERIENCE:  List shows (retail or wholesale) that you have done or do regularly and how many years you have done them. Please include galleries, trunk shows, etc. 

You will be expected to donate your time to help with various activities of the guild.  Please list any skills you may have that will benefit the organization, including but not limited to: 

Publicity______ Computer skills _______ Sales_______ Display_______  Mailing________ 



Submit images of 5 pieces that are representative of your range of skills with this application. You may send a CD, or email mail the entire application.  Email is preferred. CD must have your name and address on the front of the disc.   

DESCRIPTION SHEET: Number each image to correspond with the submissions, include:Object Name, Medium, Size and Cost for EACH item.         

 Please send a check in the amount of $50 to cover the first year dues to Rhonda Goldberger.  Make check payable to Sharon Feigin.  If you are not accepted your check will be returned. Dues are non-refundable if you are accepted, even if you choose not to participate in shows.All acceptances are contingent on a studio site visit to confirm that the artist is making their own work.

 Please mail, application, check and /or CD to Rhonda Goldberger, 22 Witherspoon Ct., Morristown, NJ 07960 or email the application to and mail the check and CD.   

 If you have questions or concerns, please call 973-631-1517 or email Rhonda.

 Thank you,

Rhonda Goldberger & Sharon Feigin, co-Presidents